About Us

Awareness Place is a holistic lifestyle store, dedicated to fostering your body, mind and spirit.

We aim to provide a serene and cosy space for you to increase your personal awareness about creating peace of mind, improving your general well-being and develop wisdom in your daily life.


  • We believe that all of us have an inherent Buddha nature. This Buddha nature in us is intrinsically same, but it is the awareness and mindfulness on our spiritual path that distinguishes the uniqueness in each individual.
  • The basic Buddha’s teachings, which is aimed at connecting with our spirituality, forms our core belief.
  • Our belief inspires us to serve each individual with loving-kindness and respect. We respect the people we interact with and aim to walk along the path with people we connect with.


  • Awareness Place is your space for seeking personal discovery of your true nature, true peace and ultimate happiness.
  • With our extensive collections of inspirational and spiritual books, therapeutic CDs and well-being products, a heavenly sanctuary awaits you, inspiring you on your journey within.