Lunar New Year 2020 Online Offering

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Lunar New Year 2020 Online Offering

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Offering Hall :
KMSPKS Hall of No Form - LED Light & Flower
KMSPKS Hall of Universal Brightness - Nian Gao & Rice



Start a new Lunar Year with the offering to the Triple Gems. May the merit accumulated be dedicated to all sentient beings.

Why make Offering?
Making shrine offerings is an act of devotion which expresses appreciation and veneration to the Triple Gem. The offering of food represents the wish to achieve the nectar of Dharma. The offering of light represents the illuminating brightness of wisdom, which dispels the darkness of ignorance on the path towards Enlightenment. The offering of flower represents the aspiration to achieve the body of the Buddha with the thirty two marks of the Buddha as well as teaching of impermanence.

Items in the Offering Package?
Package A ($8) - LED Light
Package B ($28) - LED Light, Nian Gao (年糕), Rice (150g) & Flower

Which Hall will the items be offered at?
LED Light & Flower will be offered at KMSPKS Hall of No Form 光明山无相殿
Nian Gao and Rice will be offered at KMSPKS Hall of Universal Brightness 光明山光明殿

What happen to Food Items after offering?
After offering, the food items will be given to the Monastery or other charity organisation at our discretion.

Dedicated By
The entry under "Dedicate By" will be reflected on the Offering list and placed near the item during offering.
Please note that the font size of the entry on the Offering list will automatically be adjusted based on the length of each entry.
(which means, the longer the entry, the smaller the font will reflect on the Offering list.)

Customer Notice
There will not be any email notice informing you that the items are being offered.

(Information may change without prior notice)

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