Qing Ming 2020 Online Offering to Ancestors / Departed Loved Ones

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Qing Ming 2020 Online Offering to Ancestors / Departed Loved Ones

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Order this package and we will make the offering on your behalf to your Ancestors / Departed Loved Ones on the date you select.

Offering Venue
Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Dates of Offering
28 March 2020 FULL
4 April 2020 FULL
10 April 2020 FULL
12 April 2020 FULL
18 April 2020
(Please select below)

Time of Offering
8am to 11am

Offering Items
A pot of Flower, 2 LED Lights, 2 Oranges, 2 Apples, 1 Fa Gao (发糕), 1 Fu Bao (福包), Incense and Mass Chanting of Amitabha Sutra (阿弥陀经) by Venerable

Maximum number of characters: 50

Maximum number of characters: 50

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During the Qing Ming period, Chinese present offerings as a way of paying homage to their ancestors and departed loved ones. 

Why make Offering?

Fruits symbolise the truth of karmic cause and effect. The fruits of spiritual attainment lead towards the ultimate fruit of Enlightenment, which is the goal of all Buddhists. Such offerings thus urge us to strive towards Enlightenment for everyone.
Flowers, which later wither and lose their scent and colour, remind us of the impermanence of all things, including our lives. Offering flowers reminds us to treasure every moment of our lives and not be attached to material things.
Burning incense fills the air with fragrance, which symbolises the virtue and purifying effect of wholesome conduct. Burning incense also urges us to cease all evil and to cultivate good conduct.

Name of Deceased & Name of Contributor
The entry under these fields will be reflected on the Offering card and placed near the item during offering.
Regardless of language, the maximum text is 50 characters.
The font size of the entry on the Offering card will automatically be adjusted based on the length of each entry.
(which means, the longer the entry, the smaller the font will reflect on the Offering card.)


(Information may change without prior notice)

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