Lunar New Year Offering 2018


First Day of the Year of Dog, Lunar New Year Packages were being offered to the Buddha at Hall of Universal Brightness of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Packages were available online for public to offer Auspicious Light, Flower, Sunflower Oil and Fragrant New Rice. The contributor wishes for good health, peace and harmony for individual and some also dedicate their merits to other sentient beings.

The auspicious lights were lighted after the stroke of midnight on 16 February 2018 with the help of kind volunteers.


Flowers, Sunflower Oil and Fragrant New Rice were offered in the Hall.



In the morning of the Lunar New Year, we invited 2 Venerables to rejoice and give blessings to all who have contributed to the offerings on this joyful day.




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