Nagarjuna's Advice for Buddhists

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Author :  Geshe Lhundub Sopa, Beth Newman
Forward : Lama Zopa
Language : English

Geshe Sopa's Explanation of Letter to a Friend


 A modern commentary by a beloved Tibetan teacher on a classical Indian Buddhist text. An introduction to Buddhism by one of the tradition’s most famous authors. A teaching on how to live a Buddhist life in contemporary society.

The great Indian philosopher Nagarjuna is best known for his foundational texts on the Madhyamaka, or Middle Way doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism. He was also the author of Letter to A Friend, one of the best-known introductions to Buddhism in classical Indian Buddhist literature. Geshe Sopa’s commentary shows how Nagarjuna’s advice on how to follow Buddhist ethics while living fully in the world speaks just as clearly to us today as it did to the Indian king for whom it was composed.

Here is a warm and generous commentary on the work by one of the twentieth century’s most beloved Tibetan teachers, Geshe Lhundub Sopa. Expertly compiled by his student, scholar Beth Newman, from talks given over a number of years, the commentary brings this ancient Buddhist teaching to a modern audience.

Nagarjuna maintained that all Buddhists can embody the full teachings of the Buddha. Therefore, this book covers topics from simple virtues to the most profound truths of emptiness, all directed at a contemporary American audience.