Dharani Sutra Quilt (Blessed by Venerable Hui Lu) 往生被(慧律法师加持)

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Material 材质 : Satin 缎
Measurement 尺寸 : 196cm x 91cm
Include Blessed Sand 內附金光明沙


The Dharani Sutra Quilt was not mentioned in the Tripitaka but the Tantric Buddhism prevailed in the Ming Dynasty. The Vajra Guru collected all Buddhist mantras for mercy and salvation, written in Sanskrit (or Tibetan) on cloth, just like a mandala and the Tibetan scriptures. If blessed, its effectiveness is even more incredible. By covering the body of the dead, it can eliminate karma and sin, and all beings in the underworld can see a bright light, which can prevent the dead from being hurt by their enemies and demons. This "death quilt" is a convenient title but the function is not limited to the death only. It can also be used everyday to eliminate disasters or even when being entangled with ghosts and sprites.