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Singer : Drykgyal Tsering
Instrument : Guitar and Traditional Instruments

01 卡瓦格博礼赞 Mt. Khawa Karpo
04 阿妈娜吉卓玛 Mother Namgyal Drolma
07 森吉拉姆 The Girl in My Heart Loves Most
09 喇嘛千诺 Lhama Kyenno


Drukgyal Tsering, a Tibetan folk singer, has worked in the film/theattre industry. Over the past five years, he has visited over 100 Tibetan folk artists and collected over 700 Tibetan folk songs in an effort to revive these scattered jewels. Drukgyal's sings with extraordinary concentration through the medium of his warm voice. His music, led by the guitar and accompanied by traditional instruments, contains a sort of beautiful negative space characteristics of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, exhibiting the powerful moving simplicity and purity of Tibetan folk music.

01 Mt. Khawa Karpo
02 Taking Refuge in the Four Jewels
03 Homage to Padmasambhava
04 Mother Namgyal Drolma
05 A Poem by Gedun Drupa
06 Mantra of the Lords of the Three Families
07 The Girl in my Heart Loves Most
08 (Rapa) An Auspicious Song of Conclusion
09 Lhama Kyenno

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