The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

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The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

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Author : Loch Kelly
Language : English

A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life


What if you could open into a natural flow of wisdom, compassion, and joy in any moment? According to renowned meditation teacher Loch Kelly, this possibility is closer than you think. Whether you’re an experienced meditator or are new to mindfulness practice, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness offers a new and effective approach to awakening and healing.
Loch teaches “effortless mindfulness,” an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness that can liberate the deepest levels of suffering. Effortless mindfulness immediately introduces you to your awake, loving nature. By making a small initial effort of “unhooking” awareness from chattering thoughts, you can begin the journey home.
Here you will learn:
- How to shift out of thought and into your awake, loving nature
- The different approaches of effortless mindfulness and deliberate mindfulness
- Unique methods to liberate difficult mental and emotional states
- Mindful glimpses (micro-meditations) that can be done at any time with eyes open
- A contemporary version of ancient methods to navigate your consciousness
- Effective practices drawn from ancient wisdom, contemporary neuroscience, and psychotherapy
- How to make the "you-turn" from small self to no-self to true Self
- The Five Foundations of Effortless Mindfulness
- How to learn to return and train to remain in an awake, compassionate flow
- How to avoid the pitfalls to embodying awakening

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