Tisarana (Pali)

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Tisarana (Pali)

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Producer/Composer/Music Arranger/Vocalist : Imee Ooi

Sample Tracks :
01 Tisarana
02 Narasiha Gatha

Tags: Imee-Ooi


01 Tisarana (The Three Refuges):
Tisarana, literally meaning the Three Gems, refers to the venerable trinity of The Buddha, Dhamma (His Teachings) and Sangha (member of the Buddhist Order).

02 Narasiha Gatha (The Stanzas of the Lion of Man)  :
These verses were uttered by Princess Yasodhara to her son, Rahula, on the occasion of The Buddha's first visit to Kapilavatthu after his Enlightenment. She Explained some of the physical characteristics and noble virtues of the Blessed One.

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