Flower Offering in Wu Xu (农历戊戌) Lunar Year

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Flower Offering in Wu Xu (农历戊戌) Lunar Year

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Make offering on every 1st and 15th Day of the Lunar Month in Wu Xu Lunar Year

Offering Hall :
Hall of Universal Brightness (Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery)
光明殿 (光明山)

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Making shrine offerings is an act of devotion which expresses appreciation and veneration to the Triple Gem. The offering of flower represents the aspiration to achieve the body of the Buddha with the thirty two marks of the Buddha as well as teaching of impermanence.

Dedicated By
This will be written on an Offering Card to your Loved Ones.
Example : Tan Ah Beng OR Tan Ah Beng and Family OR 马达意 OR 马达意合家

You may also Dedicate the Merits of offering to your Loved Ones.
Example for :
To your Loved Ones : Tan Ah Meng [your name] dedicate merits of offering to Goh Mei Mei [your loved ones name] OR 陈天明 [您的名字] 回向蔡小明 [您的亲人的名字]
To your Departed Loved Ones : Sim Tian Ming [your name] dedicate merits of offering to Late Wong Sing Ping OR 王阿玲 [您的名字] 回向已故林志贻 [您已故亲人的名字]

Offering Dates
8 November 2018 - 十月初一
22 November 2018 - 十月十五
7 December 2018 - 十一月初一
21 December 2018 - 十一十五
6 January 2019 - 十二月初一
20 January 2019 - 十二十五

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